Mail Processing

Competence for your communication

Mailmax means the latest in digital franking technology, all the way from the user-friendly exclusive Touch-Screen to the top quality ink-jet printing system.

Franking Machines

Frama franking machines with the exclusive, patented ComTouch user interface offer great value for money. If you send only a few letters per day or if you produce large direct mailings, you will be impressed by the large number of individual solutions.

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B400 Letter Opener

Letter Opener

Opening letters by hand is neither efficient nor convenient. Frama letter openers perform this task with astonishing perfection.

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mail. message. managed. - Frama supports your postal correspondence with trend-setting technology. 

Frama was the first manufacturer to integrate a touchscreen control and automatic rate calculation in their franking machines.

If there is outgoing mail there is also incoming mail. Electronic Letter Openers by Frama open envelopes fast, efficient and without cutting wastes. Our seek for innovation was and is always appreciated by our customers.

We concentrate on delivering the best experiance for our everyday usage. Simple, straightforward and intuitive system operation guarantee fast and stress-free mail processing.

One of the key essentials are the OneTouch functions. Up to 36 predefined and programmable touchkeys with the most used postal products. Simply touch and frank without going through endless guided menus for simply sending a letter.