Now frank even small postal
volumes both economically
and ecologically.

EcoMail Franking

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Offering on-site or
carry in support

EcoMail Franking

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A Maintance Contract
that ensures Peace of Mind

EcoMail Franking

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Mail Processing for Faster Customer Communication

About Frama

mail. message. managed. – Frama supports customers all over the world with innovative products, solutions and services. Benefit from our many years of experience, our in-depth know-how and our first-class services for complete solutions for written business communication.

EcoMail Franking Machine

Underline your professionalism in the way you manage your post! Right from the start, an EcoMail franking machine gives you the same benefits high volume postal users enjoy, including the easy changing of advertising messages and remote uploading of postal credit.

EcoMail franking machines are so easy to use. Access every function or any postal value with the touch of a finger.

Advantages and features

Advertising Messages

High-quality thermal transfers technology, postal data and advertising messages to paper precisely, sharp and smear-free.


ComTouch™. One touch. One finger.
That’s all you need to perform the most important franking functions.
Menu-guided through every step of the franking process.
That’s System Intelligence – made by Frama.

Save with it!

Changing the ink ribbon
is so easy to do, it is
child’s play!

Touch it!

The exclusive Frama ComTouchTM
springs to life, immediately displays
every function you need and guides
you through the entire franking process
step by menuguided step.
That’s System Intelligence – made by Frama.

Why choose a Maintenance Contract

Why consider a maintenance plan over ad-hoc repairs?

Would you consider driving your car without regular servicing until one day it just breaks on you? Of course not!

By taking out a maintenance plan on your EcoMail franking machine, you’ll greatly reduce the chances that it doesn’t just randomly break down on you in the middle of your franking run.

For more info on our maintenance plan and how it can add true value to owning an EcoMail, contact us.

Support: efficient & professional

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